From 1 Bag To A Full Truck

Coffee Holding Company purchases only the finest specialty green coffee from around the world. These coffees are cupped prior to shipping from origin and upon arrival in the United States must meet our demanding standards. Every day we cup new offerings from around the world in an effort to provide the best selection of beans for our roasting clientele.

We include in our offerings: Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees. Using our roasting experience and years of industry knowledge, our helpful staff is willing to assist our customers in selecting a single origin coffee or the blend that works best for their business.



Ask about our Kenya micro lots.

Organic Fair Trade
Ethiopian Harrar
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Shade Grown
Papua New Guinea
Nicaraguan SHG
Colombian Shade Grown
Peruvian HB
Sumatra Mandheling Shade Grown
Mexican High Grown


Colombian Excelso
Mexican High Grown
Guatemala SHB
Peruvian HB
Costa Rica SHB
Organic Kenya from Muiri Coffee Estate (coming January 2016)
Organic Brazil (landing January 2016)


Rainforest Alliance Certified
Daterra "Sunrise"
Daterra Peaberry
Daterra "Sweet Yellow"
Daterra "Bruzzi"
Daterra "Buena Vista"
Daterra Reserve Espresso
Daterra Bourbon Collection
Daterra Sweet Blue
Daterra Sweet Collection
Daterra Espresso Yellow
Daterra Peaberry Pearl Reserve
Daterra Estate Santa Colomba
Daterra Monte Cristo
Daterra Full Bloom
El Salvador S.H.G.
Costa Rica SHB Willows
Hacienda Miramonte
El Salvador Peaberry Estate
Daterra Villa
CHC Espresso


Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling
Indian Monsoon Malabar
Papua New Guinea Plantation
Sulawesi Kalossi Blackbird
Vietnam Robusta


Swiss Water Decaffeinated
SHB Guatemalan
SHB Costa Rican
Brazil Santos
Sumatra Mandheling
Ethiopian Sidamo
Espresso Blend
Colombian Organic Rain Forest
Peru Organic Fair Trade
Mexican Organic Fair Trade
Sumatra Organic Fair Trade
Honduras Fair Trade Organic


MC Decaffeinated
Kenya "AA"
Mexican HG
Brazil Santos
Sumatra Mandheling
Ethiopian Sidamo
Costa Rican SHB
Guatemala HB


South / Central America
Colombian U.G.Q. Excelso
Colombian Screen #18 Supremo
Brazilian Santos Screen #17/18
Mexican HG
Costa Rican Tarrazu
Genuine Antigua Guatemala
Guatemala Grade SHB EP Jazmine
Guatemala Pacamara La Flor Del Cafe (now available)
Guatemala HB EP
Kona Fancy
Honduras SHG
Finca Santa Leticia

Kenya "AA" Arabica
Tanzanian Peaberry
Rwanda Arabica
Malawi Estate
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Ethiopian Sidamo
Ethiopian Longberry Harrar
Zambian AAA Munali Estate
Kenya Peaberry various top lots
Burundi A

Please call us if you don't see something you are looking for.